Thursday, October 27, 2011

new job,new story

Hai harini nak blog dalam bahase melayu lah..lepas balik kerje pukul 11 tadi tibe2 rase nak tulis something kat blog fasal kerja baru. kerja baru kat pharmacy memang mudah..kerje 4 jam dari 530 sampai 930 malam..setiap hari kerja include sabtu ahad..tapi bole choose nak cuti satu hari tapi pada weekdays sahaje..datang kerja pon cume layan2 customer bile diorang nak beli OTC products je..kalo ade customer,,kalo tak ade..bole duduk layan pamphlet ubat2..kerja relaks..sepuluh kali lebih relaks dari ipoh specialist..tapi penin jugak nak layan customer yang berbagai ragam..nak buat macamane..layankan je lah :)
gamba atas di ambil sebelum pergi kerje tadi..muke memang banyak naik jerawat tak semene-mene..tapi tadi telah membeli supplement di pharmacy..kalo berkesan nanti saye share name products :)till then..bye..

p/s:assingments melambai2 tangan nye tapi buat2 tak nampak jer..maybe buat alasan nak tunggu lp baru sampai kot..

Friday, October 14, 2011

wordless today


some of the pics that i took during our second date in such a fun day i had with you came and suprised me while i was sleeping. we watched al-hijab since i have been insisting sangat.but al hijab not came out as what yang diharapkan.but it's okay because we don't have to que up long to buy the tickets. we had our both fav meal together and lastly i got my second flower from you :)

The Vow

Can't wait for this movie..perfect combination from notebook and dear john :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Raisa Andriana

She's 21..she's smoking hot..she had a good voice and i love her..can check out her vid here

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

new label

While i was browsing female magazine,i was attracted to one of the advertisement in was a brand new clothing came from excited to visit the boutique..they said that the price are affordable yet fashionable. lets check out some of the design. they also had man collection and kids collection.

how's that..btw the boutiques available at bangsar village,empire subang and parkson subang..ohh suddenly i miss kl..till then,bye.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

things that need to be resolved

this month and same goes to other following months seems to be busy for me..there's a lot of things that i need to accomplish.

1)FOUR book assingments that should be done before 2011 end..arghh so stress,i can't assure when i can complete those.

2)Earn money as one of my part time jobs..other people might have one week holiday but i'm willing to sacrifice start from monday till sunday..i wish i can bear it..

3)A year end shopping plan on december.i am so glad that i found my new shopping partner :)he's good in suggesting what looks good on me. please start saving from now b.

4)A plan to hangout with gff's at jb..i wished that i can find a free time kawan..don't worry, i will try my best to make it happen.

5)Year end trip with school gff's..the mastermind was maisyarah..the plan was set up to go USS..yeay..singapore here i come babeyh..

that's all. maybe there's other miscellaneous that i forgot..i'm sure there's more.

so true :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

i love you like a love song baby!

Thanks for making my day b. I do really enjoy to sit down and have a chat with you the whole day. thanks for borrowed  me your ear to listen all my mumbling..Thanks for be my driver and took me to all over the places that i wished to. i do really aprreciated it..Thanks for being the other half of me.
p/s : i got a new shades today :):)